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February 28, 2011
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::Haruta:: by Asacream ::Haruta:: by Asacream
Awkward pose lol
EDIT: I take a very long time to reply to RPs so if you want to RP, just draw a picture of the interaction and if I have time I'll reply back with a drawing too! ouo

Name: Miyuki Haruta

Pokemon: Tabunne (Audino)[link]

Age: 17

Village: Gale Spring

Job: Priestess, part-time healer

Ability: Regeneration

Attacks Secret power, Heal pulse

personality: Haruta is a very cheerful and optimistic girl despite having a sad past, she will constantly try to cheer you up if you are sad. She would try to be nice to you even though she may hate you. She does not understand what love is as she has never experience it before. She also prefers not to fight.

She is now a bit more serious after the Kami Trio War.

History: Haruta was born in a faraway Tabunne village. She was born with eyes of two different colors and the Village chief and villages believed that she is cursed and would bring great catastrophe to the village, as such, they wanted her parents to kill her, her parents love her very much and so, they gave her to an old chansey couple in another village. Haruta grew up there, everyday being teased by the other children in that village. Then the old chansey couple died when she was 14, believing that she has a purpose for being born into this world, she set out to find a place that would suit her. Then, she found Sky Village and she slowly settles there, being a priestess and praying for others.

Likes: sweets (especially cold ones), kind people, furry animals and pecha berries.

Dislikes: hot drinks, bitter things, insects and oran berries(because they look disgusting to her)

Additional info: Her height is only around 1.56m tall.

Adopted By suzuran [link]
Ryoutaro(Cousin): [link]
You can RP via her formspring, comments on her app or notes.
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